The Horse Shoe Ranch

  The Ranch is sited in 12 hectares of good rugged riding country 3 kms. north of the village of Mexilhoeira Grande ( near Portimão ) in the beautiful Algarve.
  The main house: First floor: two bedrooms, a bathroom and a living room Ground floor: Guest lounge with satellite TV.
  Guest apartments: situated in a two story block next to the main house the two upstairs are connected by a veranda walkway.

The main meals are served in the kitchen which is about 50 metres from the apartments in a separate building. This can be used by our guests at any time of the day or night. the kitchen joins the main house by a covered outside area which houses the B.B.Q. drinks fridges and seating.

Adjacent to the apartments is the straw storage area and also the stables which are used in the winter in wet weather.

The training paddock is situated at the entrance to the Ranch. It is surrounded by Eucalyptus trees and grazing areas.

       Opposite the stables are the tack room, food store and work shed. This building also houses the laundry which is freely available to our guests.

Between the paddocks you can find our sun-heated pool, which has a dimension of ca. 7,4 x 4 meters. Ideal to refrech oneself in summertime between the rides, while watching the horses.

Our horses are kept in a large paddock which runs in front of the apartments and behind the tack room buildings, so your day begins with a view of grazing horses and the smell of freshly brewed coffee.